How to Take care of Wood Floors

wooden floorsWooden floors bring out a warm beauty and an earthy look. Wooden floors are durable, and with proper care, they can last for decades. Although it may sound simple to take care of wood floors, there are a number of issues you must get right.  Too much moisture, excessive dust and dragging heavy objects across floors may make them wear out fast.

If you need your wooden floor to keep looking great, follow these tips.


Vacuum the Floor

You should vacuum the floor every week. The reason for vacuuming is because at the underfoot contains some dust that acts like sandpaper. The friction between the foot and floor acts to wear down the wooden floor’s finish gradually. When you vacuum, you protect the finish as well as keeping it glossy in appearance.


Use no-wax wood floor cleaner

From time to time, you need to remove residue using no-wax wood floor cleaner. You can use this type of cleaner to quickly clean up small problems before they escalate to become big ones. You should wipe up all spills and dirt immediately before it dries up. Dust can have a devastating effect on your floor’s finish, and if left unattended it can get ground in. Liquids can damage and stain these floors.



You need to soap your wooden floors. Soaping involves mopping the floors using a wood soap that is designed primarily for cleaning wooden floors. This soap cleans and protects oil-finished surfaces from stains, dirt and all forms of wear and tear. Natural soaps such as woca help to clean and leave behind an invisible layer of gloss. Choose a product that cleanses your wood and protects it from getting dry or cracked.

Walk off Doormats

Ideally, people should at all times remove their shoes when they visit your house. If they remove, dirt, salt, water, and ice would not be deposited onto your wood floors. But because some people will always not remove their shoes, it is good to have doormats inside and outside the doors. If these mats are well placed, people will be obliged to rub dirt and moisture off their shoes as they walk in.

For the cleaning products you choose for your woods, read the labels carefully to ensure that they are suitable for your floor surfaces. You can also add felt protectors and furniture legs which helps in picking up debris and protecting the floors from various effects of scratches.

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