Fastest Growing Trees to Plant

bambooTrees offer us a lot of benefits be it moderating climate, conserving water, improving air quality, sheltering wildlife among others. Trees provide our homes with right shade from blazing sunlight and harsh winds. Beautiful ones also provide us with a lot of privacy. Gardeners want to grow fast-growing trees for shade and privacy. Fast growing trees for shade equally offer beauty and seclusion although they may be short-lived.

We are living in a generation of impatience. We quickly want things and solutions. We want large trees to occupy our landscapes within the shortest time possible. Fueled with this sense of urgency regarding scenes looking better, homeowners head to garden centers with one aim; to select the fastest growing trees. If you are in search for the fastest growing trees, here are the best options.



Bamboo is one tree that grows incredibly fast. This is the reason it is often used in making eco-friendly products. It is also straightforward to replant bamboo due to its fast growth rate. The spreading of its root structure allows a single rootstock to produce a couple of shoots that result in a horizontal growth. Research has it that the fastest growing bamboo grows at a rate of 35 inches per day. Other common species can grow at a rate of 10 cm per day. This means if you have the patience to sit in front of a bamboo plant for a whole day, you will watch it grow.


Hybrid Poplar

poplarThe hybrid poplar is a favorite shade tree. It only takes five years for it to grow to harvestable heights. This tree type is prevalent in industry application as well and making of lumber. The hybrid poplar is known to put up to ten feet a year. Though it is an artificially created species, it forms one of the fastest growing trees. Many of these hybrid trees can be harvested for firewood every five years, making them an excellent option.



The acacia can be an incredibly and impressively fast growing tree. An example is one falcate acacia tree that was planted in Sabah, Malaysia and it managed to put up an incredible height of 35 feet within 13 months. These stats mean the tree was growing about an inch per day. Trees such as acacia are located in tropical climates and manage to get a lot of nutrition from the tropical rainforest climates. This type of climatic condition allows these trees to have perceptual growing seasons.

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