Importance of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

gardenSince the beginning of humanity, trees have continuously furnished us with two critical essentials to life; oxygen and food. They also provide us with additional resources such as medicine, shelter, and tools. Today, the value of trees continue to increase as we continue to discover other roles they play to us. Just as important as we need to take care of our lives, take care of those we care about, care for our belongings such as property, and cars, which need servicing to avoid making them to places such as Independence Tow Truck in case of breakdown, and equal amount of care should be applied when conserving nature, and more importantly trees.

Here are important reasons that portray the importance trees play in our lives.


Environmental Benefits

Trees create habitat for native fauna. Trees that are well positioned provide a valuable heat reduction as they shade walls and windows thus reducing the need for costly air conditioning. A neighborhood that is well treed is admirable as it negates the heat island effect that is felt on hard surfaces. Trees also help in reducing the speed and strength of severe winds to create a sheltered microclimate.


Air Purification

Trees improve the quality of air by absorbing carbon dioxide and returning the much-needed oxygen to the atmosphere. We all know that carbon dioxide is responsible for nearly half of the greenhouse gasses that are known to cause global warming. Through the photosynthesis process, trees remove carbon and store it in leaves, roots, and trunks. Trees also reduce air pollution and dust from the streets by entrapping airborne particles and other pollutants. They are well known for trapping toxic particles that are mostly emitted by exhausts of diesel.


treesTrees have a lot of aesthetic benefits. They improve the quality of life by enhancing our visual environment. Trees have color and seasonal interests that serve as natural beauty through their foliage and leaf patterns. Trees help in canceling noise, and they provide the obstruction to additional views to reduce glare and ensure the required privacy.



Economic Benefits

Trees are well known for enhancing and raising the value of a property. Studies show that trees add value of about 10 to 20 percent to the value of a property. Suburbs have many trees, and this is the main reason these regions are highly attractive and desirable. The cooling effect of trees on houses can equally reduce energy bills by about 15 to 35 percent. Trees also provide useful shade that enables our gardens to make use of minimal amounts of water.


Social Benefits

Additionally, trees have a lot of social benefits. When planted in our homes, they help attract birds. Some studies have shown that watching birds, trees and shrubs can help a person reduce their levels of stress. This means trees can help us feel more serene and peaceful. There are also signs that patients can recover quickly when placed in hospitals located with views to trees. Although trees may not necessarily act as habitat to animals, some provide us with nutritious fruits. These include trees such as Apples, lemon, oranges, peach, lychee, avocado among others.

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