How to Win Back Customers After Stalled Growth

When customers are not engaging with your brand, they might feel left out. Retaining customers and keeping churn rate as low as possible is an admirable goal for any business. Towing services in Kettering have perfected the art of keeping their customers engaged and doing so helps in keeping rate as low as possible. Many customer win-back strategies are targeted towards customers who have started to disengage from your brand. Customer win-back strategies can be very effective with stats showing 45 percent of customers who have started to show signs of doing business elsewhere are ready to get back to you.

Here are sure ways on how to create a customer win-back program

Plan a comprehensive email marketing strategy

Your customer win-back program should start and end with a personalized customer win-back email campaign. The campaign you create should include a series of emails that are meant to re-engage customers who had initially started to disengage. It could mean those customers had stopped reading your emails or have not made any purchase from you. For your success, ensure the email campaign is well personalized. You can use recipient names in their email, offer good product recommendations, and customize all your offers.

Make a realistic offer

To have your customers come back, you must offer them some form of incentive. While offering them those incentives, ensure you are realistic in what you can give them. The offer you give them should be hard to refuse, while at the same time, remain true to what you can deliver. The offer you are giving to your customers doesn’t necessarily have to be a discount. It could be a coupon, free shipping, or product upgrade. Whichever the offer you decide to settle on, ensure it offers solutions to the problems a customer is facing.

Be strategic

While creating a customer win-back strategy, you need to be strategic. Ensure your emails contain a sense of urgency while also communicating solutions to the problems customers are facing. You can also use another strategy of creating the fear of missing out. Additionally, give customers options so that they can choose the deal that works best for them. While sending emails to ton your customers, give them the option to dictate their frequency and also decide on unsubscribing to emails.

Ask for feedback

During your email campaigns, you need to ask your customers for feedback. Doing so will show to your customers that you take their input seriously. You can send some form of a questionnaire or ask questions on specific products and services that gauge overall customer satisfaction. Asking for feedback can also help you come with new strategies that can help you serve customers better. If you can know why your customers are churning, you will be better equipped to solve all their issues and prevent further churn. Always take your customer feedback seriously because there will always be something vital you will learn from their interaction.

For everything you do, always test and measure results you get and keep on improving.

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