Ways to Achieve Personal Growth and Development

educationSetting yourself out to the journey of personal growth and development can seem to be an overwhelming task at first. True personal development is not about buying self-improvement books and having them lie in your desk; it involves starting to make the right decisions on the most important things that help in constantly improving your life to realize a better version of yourself. It involves setting goals and working tirelessly to meet them. A couple of years ago, a friend chose to achieve the best version of himself and set out one main goal; to start a successful tour and travel company, and within a year, Platinum Access Limousines was launched. What an achievement!

Getting the best out of yourself starts with simple things such as recognizing your self-talk and replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones.



One of the success factors to achieve personal growth and development is education. In our society, the highest paid people are those who know more than the average do. They know about critical issues, ideas, and information pertaining to others, issues, and society in general. As a result, they are able to make a more valuable contribution to a society that is knowledge-based. To earn more and develop yourself, you must learn more. If you want to become more successful and increase your levels of income, you must be willing to learn more than what an average mind knows.


Another factor having a big contribution to your success is developing a wide circle of important contacts. You will find that every major change in your life can be solved by another person who opens the doors for you. To broaden your network of contacts, you need to continually network at every opportunity that you get. There seems to be a direct relationship between the number of people you know and how successful you are.


Financial independence

FinancesHaving financial independence gives you the freedom to grab every opportunity that comes your way. If you are in debt or broke, it becomes a bit difficult to grab opportunities that come your way. You need to understand that you are only as free as your options. If you have no options, you have no freedom. If you are stuck in your boring job and you can’t leave because your skills can’t allow, then you have no freedom, and your chances of personal growth and development are very slim.


Develop good work habits

To achieve more in a short span of time, you need to develop good work habits. You need to increase and increase your Return on Time Invested as this helps you achieve a lot within the shortest time possible. To develop good work habits, you need to think before acting. Additionally, you need to develop a positive mental attitude. You need to understand that you become what you do. Whatever you keep on doing is what you evolve and become. Have a positive image and improve on your creativity. Work on your character and be self-disciplined.

Importance of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

gardenSince the beginning of humanity, trees have continuously furnished us with two critical essentials to life; oxygen and food. They also provide us with additional resources such as medicine, shelter, and tools. Today, the value of trees continue to increase as we continue to discover other roles they play to us. Just as important as we need to take care of our lives, take care of those we care about, care for our belongings such as property, and cars, which need servicing to avoid making them to places such as Independence Tow Truck in case of breakdown, and equal amount of care should be applied when conserving nature, and more importantly trees.

Here are important reasons that portray the importance trees play in our lives.


Environmental Benefits

Trees create habitat for native fauna. Trees that are well positioned provide a valuable heat reduction as they shade walls and windows thus reducing the need for costly air conditioning. A neighborhood that is well treed is admirable as it negates the heat island effect that is felt on hard surfaces. Trees also help in reducing the speed and strength of severe winds to create a sheltered microclimate.


Air Purification

Trees improve the quality of air by absorbing carbon dioxide and returning the much-needed oxygen to the atmosphere. We all know that carbon dioxide is responsible for nearly half of the greenhouse gasses that are known to cause global warming. Through the photosynthesis process, trees remove carbon and store it in leaves, roots, and trunks. Trees also reduce air pollution and dust from the streets by entrapping airborne particles and other pollutants. They are well known for trapping toxic particles that are mostly emitted by exhausts of diesel.


treesTrees have a lot of aesthetic benefits. They improve the quality of life by enhancing our visual environment. Trees have color and seasonal interests that serve as natural beauty through their foliage and leaf patterns. Trees help in canceling noise, and they provide the obstruction to additional views to reduce glare and ensure the required privacy.



Economic Benefits

Trees are well known for enhancing and raising the value of a property. Studies show that trees add value of about 10 to 20 percent to the value of a property. Suburbs have many trees, and this is the main reason these regions are highly attractive and desirable. The cooling effect of trees on houses can equally reduce energy bills by about 15 to 35 percent. Trees also provide useful shade that enables our gardens to make use of minimal amounts of water.


Social Benefits

Additionally, trees have a lot of social benefits. When planted in our homes, they help attract birds. Some studies have shown that watching birds, trees and shrubs can help a person reduce their levels of stress. This means trees can help us feel more serene and peaceful. There are also signs that patients can recover quickly when placed in hospitals located with views to trees. Although trees may not necessarily act as habitat to animals, some provide us with nutritious fruits. These include trees such as Apples, lemon, oranges, peach, lychee, avocado among others.

Fastest Growing Trees to Plant

bambooTrees offer us a lot of benefits be it moderating climate, conserving water, improving air quality, sheltering wildlife among others. Trees provide our homes with right shade from blazing sunlight and harsh winds. Beautiful ones also provide us with a lot of privacy. Gardeners want to grow fast-growing trees for shade and privacy. Fast growing trees for shade equally offer beauty and seclusion although they may be short-lived.

We are living in a generation of impatience. We quickly want things and solutions. We want large trees to occupy our landscapes within the shortest time possible. Fueled with this sense of urgency regarding scenes looking better, homeowners head to garden centers with one aim; to select the fastest growing trees. If you are in search for the fastest growing trees, here are the best options.



Bamboo is one tree that grows incredibly fast. This is the reason it is often used in making eco-friendly products. It is also straightforward to replant bamboo due to its fast growth rate. The spreading of its root structure allows a single rootstock to produce a couple of shoots that result in a horizontal growth. Research has it that the fastest growing bamboo grows at a rate of 35 inches per day. Other common species can grow at a rate of 10 cm per day. This means if you have the patience to sit in front of a bamboo plant for a whole day, you will watch it grow.


Hybrid Poplar

poplarThe hybrid poplar is a favorite shade tree. It only takes five years for it to grow to harvestable heights. This tree type is prevalent in industry application as well and making of lumber. The hybrid poplar is known to put up to ten feet a year. Though it is an artificially created species, it forms one of the fastest growing trees. Many of these hybrid trees can be harvested for firewood every five years, making them an excellent option.



The acacia can be an incredibly and impressively fast growing tree. An example is one falcate acacia tree that was planted in Sabah, Malaysia and it managed to put up an incredible height of 35 feet within 13 months. These stats mean the tree was growing about an inch per day. Trees such as acacia are located in tropical climates and manage to get a lot of nutrition from the tropical rainforest climates. This type of climatic condition allows these trees to have perceptual growing seasons.

How to Take care of Wood Floors

wooden floorsWooden floors bring out a warm beauty and an earthy look. Wooden floors are durable, and with proper care, they can last for decades. Although it may sound simple to take care of wood floors, there are a number of issues you must get right.  Too much moisture, excessive dust and dragging heavy objects across floors may make them wear out fast.

If you need your wooden floor to keep looking great, follow these tips.


Vacuum the Floor

You should vacuum the floor every week. The reason for vacuuming is because at the underfoot contains some dust that acts like sandpaper. The friction between the foot and floor acts to wear down the wooden floor’s finish gradually. When you vacuum, you protect the finish as well as keeping it glossy in appearance.


Use no-wax wood floor cleaner

From time to time, you need to remove residue using no-wax wood floor cleaner. You can use this type of cleaner to quickly clean up small problems before they escalate to become big ones. You should wipe up all spills and dirt immediately before it dries up. Dust can have a devastating effect on your floor’s finish, and if left unattended it can get ground in. Liquids can damage and stain these floors.



You need to soap your wooden floors. Soaping involves mopping the floors using a wood soap that is designed primarily for cleaning wooden floors. This soap cleans and protects oil-finished surfaces from stains, dirt and all forms of wear and tear. Natural soaps such as woca help to clean and leave behind an invisible layer of gloss. Choose a product that cleanses your wood and protects it from getting dry or cracked.

Walk off Doormats

Ideally, people should at all times remove their shoes when they visit your house. If they remove, dirt, salt, water, and ice would not be deposited onto your wood floors. But because some people will always not remove their shoes, it is good to have doormats inside and outside the doors. If these mats are well placed, people will be obliged to rub dirt and moisture off their shoes as they walk in.

For the cleaning products you choose for your woods, read the labels carefully to ensure that they are suitable for your floor surfaces. You can also add felt protectors and furniture legs which helps in picking up debris and protecting the floors from various effects of scratches.

Wood Treatment Options for Homes using Logs

logsProtecting and maintaining your logs should be an easy job, but in most cases, its one that is highly neglected or forgotten. Treatment to protect your logs should begin before the actual construction begins and should continue for the life of your home. Maintaining your timber is an important step you can take to preserve your logs. When treating and protecting your logs, here are some of the available options you can employ.



You can treat and preserve your logs through drying. Water inside the wood can have a lot of harmful organisms that can trigger the agents of decay. The first step you should take as a homeowner is to dry your logs to reduce the levels of moisture content. You can air dry the logs for about a year or consider heating the logs in kilns to minimize moisture and kill insect larvae.


Borate Treatment

Sodium borate is specially designed for treating woods, specifically lumber, and equally other solid wood products. Borate, which has a low solubility is used for the preservative treatment of wood composites. Borate takes advantage of moisture content in the wood to penetrate as deep as it can. Borate is highly effective in destroying insects, as a fungicide and for anti-corrosive formations. As a homeowner, you can protect your logs from fungi and insects by dipping logs in tanks that are filled with a borate-based solution or just by infusing them with borate preservation using pressure treating.



log careBleach and water combined with a little detergent have been an impressive and long-lasting recommendation for treating dirty wood. Cleaning works pretty well, it is simple, fast and cheap. However, not that cleaning can destroy cellulose in the wood if it’s left on the surface for a long time. You can purchase prepared cleaning solutions and apply them to clean your logs.


Wood Preservatives

The next possible option when taking care of your logs is by the use of wood preservatives. The most important role and work of a preservative are to repel the primary enemies of your logs such as water and other insects. The most damaging effect of water is that it promotes mold and mildew thus attracting insects and fungi. All these aspects break down the wood and wear it down. With wood preservatives, you should also have maintenance schedules depending on the type of logs you are taking care of, and climatic conditions.